SLM Code of Conduct is as follows....

  1. Love Blesses & Conquers All

Love is the Perfect Expression of the Divine. Nothing is Impossible. Love is the source of everything. Remember this as you walk your path.

  1. Honor Self to Honor Others

You are a perfect manifestation of Divine Love. Treat your mind, body, and spirit as sacred. Treasure yourself as Divine Love reaches within and reaches out for you. It is in becoming aware of this and honoring yourself, where you will be able to honor others in Truth.

  1. Energy is Free

Energy is Freely Given and is Freely Taken, in Perfect Love & Trust, as a gift from Divine Creation. It is Freely Given to enlighten the mind. It is Freely Taken for a grateful heart.

  1. Death Before Dis-Honor

There is no sting of Death when one stands in the Light of Divine Truth. Make your stand.

  1. Passion with Duty

Whatever your duties are, fuel the intent of your task with Passion, knowing that duty is by Divine Design. There are lessons that can only be learned in service to another.

  1. Change is Good

Change is transitional transformation. It is the caterpillar into the butterfly. Change is so that we may experience the Path of Humanity.

  1. Never Forget A Debt

Your word is your bond. Everything has a price to maintain balance and harmony. Repay any debt owed as soon as possible in Perfect Trust.


'We choose to believe in Love, Light, Truth, Life, Valor, Honor, Rectitude, Justice, Righteous Courage, Veracity, Benevolence
and Consequences of Choice, placing the Divine Creator at the very beginning and end.'

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Membership to Shadow Light Monastery is by Invitation Only

Membership invitations are sent to those individuals who Divine Council has brought to the attention of 1st Council. Each member invitation is written by 1st Council as instructed by Divine Council and the individual has a choice to reflect on whether to accept the invitation or not. Once the invitation is accepted, the individual provides a statement on why they are choosing to join Shadow Light Monastery. Individuals are invited to read our governing laws.

When you receive an invitation to join SLM Council of Members, please click here to provide your statement on why you are choosing to join us.