Mission Statement

Shadow Light Monastery has three missions: 1) Maintain a spiritually inclusive private and public social justice platform that focuses on worshiping Divine Creation; 2) To support improving the human condition (mind, body, soul, spirit) by embracing diversity and tolerance regardless of the culture, tradition, tribe, race, creed, faith, and gender an individual is born into; and 3) To advocate, encouraging and inspire the People to Reveal corruption, as we provide assistance for the marginalized, down-trodden, ignored, dismissed, poor, exploited, labeled irrelevant and uneducated. Together, our People can correct injustice by inhabiting a commUnity focused on living in harmony & charity with one another, as well as responsibly with our planet & its life-giving resources.

'Tis the Season'

Everything comes in good Time.
The Path in Life unfolds and Reveals us all. The Journey here with the Alaska Monastery will come to those who are drawn our Way. The Path between Darkness & Light is Shadow Light. Be the Change you wish to see in the world. Be a Light so others will See.

A Sanctuary

Shadow Light Monastery is a place of sacred sanctuary, safety, and spirit-lead Divine learning, to enable Divinely given Talent, for a mosaic of Faiths such as those in the Garden of Eternity faith (Christian, Islam, Judaism - Noah/Abrahamic), Universal One faith (Baha'i, Buddhism, Cao Dai, etc.) Infinite Unity faith (Lemniscate), Folk Earth Spirituality faith (Shaman, Druids) and Human-Self faith (Government, Humanism, Non-Religion/Atheism, Scientology). Religion, Spirituality, Faith and Church is the available avenue of Society in which Belief and Faith is addressed. Belief and Faiths, regardless of birthright, tradition, or choice is the inherent right of every sentient individual. Choose Who your Faith is in & We Shall Choose Ours.

While there are other religions and beliefs that hold an animosity toward different faiths, we choose to not hold any animosity toward others. We choose to believe in the Divine Creator, Love, Light, Truth, Life, Valor, Honor, Rectitude, Justice, Righteous Courage, Veracity, Benevolence and Consequences of Choice, placing the Divine Creator at the very beginning and end. This is what we choose to believe in with thought, conviction, words and deeds until manifestation with the power of the Divine Mind.

In addition, we do not affiliate ourselves with any 'evil' or 'cultish' ignorant & erroneous perspective placed by another's belief system that lacks true understanding of our principal beliefs and tradition. In this way, we do not seek power at the expense, suffering or duress of others. Not one individual picks the timing, manner, culture or tradition of their birth, nor does any individual pick the timing of their death. Each of us shall be held accountable for our life (words & deeds) choices, both what is done publicly and in secret, by the Divine Heavenly Court.