A Message 4 you ...

Pray.  Call out to the Most High God, with a Sincere Heart, and He will Help you in your Time of Need.  It is the Only Way.  Love you 4ever!  "Who is my family?  Only those who do the Will of my Holy Father in Heaven."

Holy Scriptures & Prayers

O' people of the Most High God, remember the Holy Scriptures.  We are commanded to forgive our enemies, for they know not what they do.  Do not hate them.  

the Almighty God will pay back
and avenge all wrongs.  As it is written, Vengeance belongs to the Lord.

Blessed is He, the Lord our God, King of the Universe, who Sanctifies us with His Commandments.  Seek 1st the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness.

Holy  Holy  Holy is His Name!

Amen & So Be It

An Embassy & Sanctuary

Shadow Light Monastery is a Monastery of Light, covered in the Shadow of the Most High God's Hand, I51:16/Ps91.  This Monastery is a religious Embassy and Sanctuary of the Beloved Most High God's, bridged by Christ Immanuel, who intercedes for us, and who brings only those who are commanded by the Most High God's Holy Spirit.  We enable Divinely given Talent, in the sons & daughters of the Most High Almighty God, in pursuit of the Highest Cause, for those who are commanded by the Divine Creator to our Monastery. 

Religion, Spirituality, and Church is the available avenue of Society in which Belief and Faith "in One, something or nothing" is addressed.  Belief and Faith, regardless of birthright, tradition, or choice, is the inherent right of every sentient individual.  In the United States of America, this American Right is established by the U.S. Constitution, Religious Freedom Amendment, and provides each individual with the right to choose to believe in faith such as: the Garden of Eternity faith (Christian, Islam, Judaism - Noah/Abrahamic), Universal One faith (Baha'i, Buddhism, Cao Dai, etc.) Infinite Unity faith (Lemniscate), Folk Earth Spirituality faith (Shaman, Druids) and Human-Self faith (Humanism, Non-Religion/Atheism, Scientology, Sorcery) and others. 

Therefore, Choose Who your Faith is in & We Shall Choose Ours.  Rev 22:11

While there are other religions and beliefs that hold an animosity toward different faiths, we choose to not hold any animosity toward others. We choose to believe in the Most High God, Divine Creator, Love, Light, Truth, Life, Valor, Honor, Rectitude, Justice, Righteous Courage, Veracity, Benevolence, and Consequences of Choice, placing the Beloved Most High God at the very beginning and end.  This is what we choose to believe in with thought, conviction, words, and deeds with the power of the Divine Mind of the Beloved Most High God.  The Most High God is the Genius of geniuses.

In addition, we do not affiliate ourselves with any 'evil' or 'cultish' ignorant & erroneous perspective placed by another's belief system that lacks true understanding of our principal beliefs and tradition. In this way, we do not seek power at the expense, suffering, or duress of others. Not one individual picks the timing, manner, culture, or tradition of their birth, nor of their death.  

We believe that all of humanity shall be held Accountable for Life (words & deeds) Choices, both what is done Publicly and in Secret, by the Divine Heavenly Court, in which the Beloved Most High God and the Lord Most High, sit as Supreme Being on the Throne.  

Therefore, Be Kindly Resolute with Everyone You MeetAmen.


The Divine Seal of SLM is illustrated on the shield.  The two swords that cut away are on the left and right of the center image, symbolically representing the boundary between the inner court and the outer court.  The outer court reveals various worldly religious symbols upon a 10-point lotus.  The Most High God has placed upon this seal the words “THE DIVINE SEAL OF SHADOW LIGHT MONASTERY” and He Keeps His Word.  The center webbing represents how narrow the road is to the Most High God.  The narrow road is the thread of worldly webbing, cautioning the believer to travel carefully and gravely, understanding the nature of those who set traps to cause believers to stumble, get stuck, and be destroyed by the enemy of the soul.  The moon brings the light and shadow of reflection, reminding one to reflect upon each step and thought you express while living your life path.   At the bottom of the seal is a full lotus flower that clears muddy waters with a butterfly of transformation on each side.