Shadow Light Monastery is a domestic religious organization as recognized
by the US Government and the State of Alaska.

SLM has not formally applied with the IRS to become a 501(c)3 exempt organization as we will file taxes annually with the IRS.  SLM is a non-profit religious/charitable organization.   Please see this link for more information from the IRS on donations made to a church or religious organization.  

All donations or charitable contributions given to SLM will sponsor one of our advocacy projects, capital projects, celebrations, classes, ceremonies, etc., and/or will be applied to our general help fund.    We provide signed donation letters on a per donation or annual basis.

We do not solicit for donations. 
Please only donate as sincerely drawn by the Most High God.
Freely Give with Charitable Love & Kindness.

Thank you,
SLM 1st Council

1.  Bank Direct Deposit/Wire to Northrim Bank |  (800) 478-2265
Account Name: Shadow Light Monastery
Account Last 4 Digits: 0541

2.  CashApp

3.  PayPal Link
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