Shadow Light Monastery is a domestic religious organization as recognized
by the US Government and the State of Alaska.

SLM has not formally applied with the IRS to become a 501(c)3 exempt organization as the IRS recognizes all churches as exempt, and applying for 501(c)3 is optional and not required.  Please see this link for more information from the IRS on donations made to a church or religious organization.  

All donations or charitable contributions given to SLM will sponsor one of our advocacy projects, capital projects, celebrations, classes, ceremonies, etc., and/or will be applied to our general help fund.   
We provide signed donation letters on a per donation or annual basis.

We do not solicit donations.  
Please only donate as sincerely drawn by the Most High God.
Freely Give with Charitable Love & Kindness.

Thank you,
SLM 1st Council

1.  Bank Direct Deposit/Wire to Northrim Bank |  (800) 478-2265
SWIFT CODE: NOTIUS82     |     ROUTING NUMBER: 125200934
Account Name: Shadow Light Monastery
Account Last 4 Digits: 0541

2.  CashApp

3.  PayPal Link
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