Path of Seasons

Everything comes in good Time
The Path in Life unfolds and Reveals us all. 
The Bridge here to our Alaskan Monastery will come to those who are drawn our Way. 
The Bridge between Light & Darkness is called Shadow Light. 
Be the Light of the Beloved Most High God so others will See.
Be the Light of Immanuel the Christ.

For God is with us!

Seasonal Celebrations | North Hemi-Zone:
January 8th: Season of Winter Rest
February 2nd:   Season of Spring Awakening
March 19th: Season of Spring Equinox
April: Season of Spring Blessing
May: Season of Summer Awakening
June 19th: Season of Summer Solstice
July: Season of Summer Rest

August: Season of Autumn Awakening
Sept 19th: Season of Autumn Equinox
October: Season of  Autumn Blessings
Nov 19th: Season of Winter Awakening

Dec 21st: Season of Winter Solstice

Dec 21st thru  January 7th: 18 Holy Days