Path of Seasons

Daily/Nightly Event | Alaska Zone:
- Sacred Healing Circle | Online Meditation

Seasonal Celebrations | Northern Hemisphere Zone:
January: Season of Winter Rest
February 2nd: Season of Spring Awakening
March 19th: Season of Spring Equinox
May 1st: Season of Spring Blessing
May 19th: Season of Summer Awakening
June 19th: Season of Summer Solstice

July: Season of Summer Rest
August: Season of Autumn Awakening
Sept 19th: Season of Autumn Equinox
Oct 1st: Season of Autumn Blessings
Nov 19th: Season of Winter Awakening

Dec 21st*: Season of Winter Solstice "Winsol"​

*Shadow Light | The Nine Divine Celebration Days:
December 21st thru December 29th
Day 1
: S & D Festival - Day 2: L & L Festival - Day 3: C & S Festival - Day 4: Friends Celebration
Day 5: Family Celebration - Day 6: Associate Celebration - Day 7: Day of Rest, Rest, Rest
Day 8: Day of Thanks, Relaxation, & Self Reflection - Day 9: Day of Divine Revelation