Shadow Light Monastery (SLM) is organized to achieve the purposes set forth in its Articles of Incorporation filed on August 8, 2013, for a Domestic Religious Corporation, as well as the purposes set forth in its Constitution and Bylaws.  SLM shall be situated in the State of Alaska.  


Per Alaska Statute 10.40.080, the Divine Seal of SLM is designated to be used by the 1st Council only, which officially represents this religious corporation.  1st Council shall seal with the divine seal of SLM, all instruments of writing.  1st Council members may verbally represent SLM in any verbal matter upon presentation of their SLM seal signet ring.   

The Divine Seal of SLM is illustrated in the above.  It depicts various worldly religious symbols upon a 10-point lotus with the words “THE DIVINE SEAL OF SHADOW LIGHT MONASTERY”.  Two swords that cut are depicted on the left and right of the center image of the reflecting moonlight resting on nature's weave.  At the bottom of the seal is a full lotus flower that clears muddy waters with a butterfly of transformation on each side.


SLM is an Embassy for those commanded by Divine Council to our monastery bridge.  The government of SLM is vested in its 1st Council, as commanded by its Divine Council, which conducts itself according to established constitution and bylaws.  In connection therewith, or incidental thereto, 1st Council of SLM shall have the right on behalf of SLM to purchase or acquire by gift, bequest or otherwise, either directly or as trustee, to own, vest legal title to property, hold in trust, use, sell, convey, mortgage, lease, or otherwise dispose of any real estate, businesses or chattels as may be necessary for the furtherance of SLM.  1st Council may exercise all other powers conferred upon it by its constitution or by the applicable religious corporation law of this state; all in accordance with its bylaws as the same may be hereafter amended.


Northrim Bank, based in Alaska, is the current bank for SLM.  Per AS 10.40, a religious organization in Alaska does not have a board of directors.  However, SLM has appointed a President of 1st Council, to satisfy banking requests and other business functions as needed.


SLM’s fiscal year shall run from October 1st through September 30th.


The purpose of SLM shall be to 1) Preserve and secure the principle code of conduct of our monastery through religious and spiritual services; 2) Preserve the liberty & well-being of each council member of SLM; 3) Ensure freedom of action independence from any other religious body or society; 4) Provide for orderly conduct of internal affairs, in dealing with others and of governing participants; 5) Establish and maintain a place for Divine spiritual worship where the Divine Spirit of the Most High God & Christ Immanuel may be honored according to our distinctive testimony; 6) To assume our share of responsibility and the privilege of propagating the Valor of Divine Creation both domestically and in foreign lands; and 7) To investigate & advocate, to educate & promote awareness on behalf of the middle & poor spectrum of society, who are marginalized, overlooked, and under-estimated that have been harmed spiritually, emotionally, mentally and/or physically.   


We Believe there are bountiful divine threads in the Spiritual and Physical Tapestry which originate with the Divine Creator as the Divine Mind. The Most High God is within and around everything, and everyone, existing beyond the human earthly experience.  The Divine Creator reveals itself to Humanity in Nature, in different ways & and names, as illustrated in various cultural images, that are communicated in various tongues and languages through Christ Immanuel.  The Divine Creator is the beginning and end of everything within the Spiritual and Physical. The Divine Creator exists within and outside humanity's understanding of "Time", with time a construct of the human experience.

We Believe that this natural world is created with Light & Shadow.  All that Shadow and Light encompass & touch within this known Universe exists to maintain balance and harmony, as designed by the Divine Creator, our Most High God. We are spirit beings created within physical form and this reality is constructed for a human experience. An individual does not get to choose the way, place, culture, race, gender, date, or time of one’s birth.  This is to remind us all that the very things that often divide the people are within the hands of the Most High God to bring into harmony as the Body of Christ. Divine Creation exists to be revealed in mysterious ways including written holy texts or reflections in nature. 

We Believe that the Holy Spirit is the spiritual teacher between the Divine Creator, Humanity, and Nature.  The Divine Holy Spirit is a Spiritual Guide and Teacher for those who wish to live and walk the Path of Divine Creation. As an individual and/or humanity matures in remembering its purpose, the Holy Spirit manifests the Path where enlightenment within spirit, soul, heart, and mind is achieved.  

We Believe that we exist within Humanity to experience life, to bear witness to the levels of existence, and to build a testimony of life.  We are created in this universe to choose to experience a life of humanity, to bear witness to the various expressions of life created all around us, and to build a testimony that is written in heaven's books of our journey here of our words and our deeds.  Nothing is hidden from the heavenly realm as every action each person born here makes, both privately and publicly, is all documented in heaven.  We are born, we live, and then we die to this experience and awaken in heaven with our testimony of what we did with the Time we were given.

We Believe that as sentient Spiritual, Soulful, and Physical Beings, our relationships, compassion, and wisdom give us a unique responsibility toward All. We live as good stewards of the Most High God to seek harmony with nature, balanced as we all evolve together with one another into a higher consciousness. This includes working with each other and nature which contributes to holistic good health and well-living.  Humanity does not own the energy of creation, the movement of the winds, the dance of the flame, the rhythm of the water, and every crafted mundane item from the created Earth. Humanity is to pair and commune with Nature and share with one another in kindness & and harmony, just as the Lord Most High shares with us. 

We Believe it is often necessary to recognize the human spiritual achievement hierarchy.   This is to honor those individuals who seek, strive, and are dedicated to learning, teaching, sharing, and respecting those who live the path of truth, compassion, and wisdom with the Most High God, Supreme Being who is in Heaven with Christ Immanuel. Always remember that the wisest is no greater than the meekest among us.  We acknowledge those who have courageously given of themselves to study, teach, protect, and/or lead.   We seek to control the forces within ourselves that make life possible to live wisely and well, without harm to others, in harmony with the Divine Creator, Spirit, Nature, and each other.  Sowing that which one Reaps and remembering the Law of Karma.

We Believe a balanced approach to a Spiritual and Physical walk is to acknowledge that some other religions and beliefs differ from ours.  While some other religions and beliefs hold an animosity toward different faiths, we choose to not hold any animosity toward others. Let the Righteous be Righteous and let the unrighteous be unrighteous.  The Most High God documents every deed and word and shall render Justice and Judgment on everyone when Heaven's books are open.  

Furthermore, we choose to believe in the Most High God, Divine Creator, Love, Light, Truth, Life, Valor, Honor, Rectitude, Justice, Righteous Courage, Veracity, Benevolence, and Consequences of Choice, placing the Beloved Most High God at the very beginning and end.  This is what we choose to believe in with thought, conviction, words, and deeds with the power of the Divine Mind of the Beloved Most High God. 

In addition, we do not affiliate ourselves with any 'evil' or 'cultish' ignorant & and erroneous perspective placed by another's belief system that lacks true understanding of our principal beliefs and tradition. In this way, we do not seek power at the expense, suffering, or duress of others. Not one individual picks the timing, manner, culture, or tradition of their birth, nor does any individual pick the timing of their death.  

We believe that all of humanity shall be held Accountable for Life (words & deeds) Choices, both what is done Publicly and in Secret, by the Divine Heavenly Court, in which the Beloved Most High God sits as Supreme Being.  Therefore, Be Kindly Resolute with Everyone You Meet.


Any confessions, names, or stories of events given to any member of 1st Council, under the Divine Seal of Confession, shall be protected and confessions will be held in strict confidence.  However, any information about human predators or criminals as it pertains to injuries against innocent children, the elderly, victims of domestic violence, murder, sexual assault, and the like, will be disclosed, as 1st Council members will not contravene Truth & Justice.


1st Council Members may elect to be bestowed with Press Credentials and will be issued an Official Press Pass.  This enables 1st Council to enter any scene of a story unannounced. With an official Press Pass, Council members can investigate, gather news, attend conferences, and report on local events for distribution in an article or investigative report to members and/or the public.


Members of the 1st Council, Council of Elders, and Council of Adepts may choose to make a Vow of Poverty, Prosperity, Obedience, and/or Chastity, etc.  Some vows are made so that the council members may fully integrate into the SLM in order to work together as a team for the continued growth and enlightenment of the monastic community.  


It is preferred, and yet not required, that this monastic community provides for the well-being of any member who requests it. SLM does this by educating its council members on the benefits of a spiritually or religiously holistic approach to health, addressing all aspects of being alive, including spiritual nurturing, diet, exercise, and mental disciplines. While SLM is in this world having a physical location and subscribing to the required federal and state laws or statutes; SLM is also “sanctified” choosing to look toward first and foremost Divine Counsel to provide for all our spiritual, emotional, material, and physical needs.  

Blessings by Divine Counsel are gifted by the grace of the Lord Most High through 1st Council to provide SLM members with spiritual needs such as spiritual support, bible study, a place to worship, prayer circles, as well as for physical needs such as food, lodging, overwatch and more.  Council members of SLM may also elect for spiritual and religious reasons, to exempt themselves and their children from all mandated Insurance and Immunizations requirements.


SLM is a Religious Organization and church. The IRS recognizes churches automatically as 501(c)3 and SLM is not required to file taxes.  SLM assets and property of every nature are vested in SLM Divine Council & 1st Council and shall be incorporated into SLM for the betterment of the community.  SLM is a non-revenue-producing (non-profit) religious and charitable organization.  Online donations and charitable gifts are not solicited yet will be accepted from council, members, friends, family, and individuals as led by the Holy Spirit of the Most High God.


This Constitution may be amended, modified, or repealed under the following circumstances: A proposal shall be submitted to the 1st Council for majority approval.  Once approved by the majority members of the 1st Council, the proposal shall be brought before the Divine Council and petitioned for guidance in the matter.  Vicegerent of 1st Council reserves all rights, including veto rights, regarding any amendments of this constitution as lead by Divine Council. At any time when there are less than three people appointed to serve on the 1st Council, the Vicegerent of 1st Council, shall make amendments as guided by the Divine Council.


In the event of liquidation or dissolution of SLM, all of its assets and property of every nature and description whatsoever shall be transferred to not less than 3 other religious charitable organizations that align with SLM beliefs.


This constitution shall be ratified and executed by the 1st Council at its commencement and at such time as amendments are made.   This Constitution shall be and is hereby established as the sole “Constitution” for this Monastery. No rules, regulations, bylaws, or policies may be established that conflict with this Constitution.

In Witness Whereof, the undersigned have ratified this SLM Constitution  as amended above and sealed.