O' Hear, people of the Most High God, do not fret because of hypocrites:

"There are some who say, "We believe in God and the Last Day," yet they are not 'true' believers.  They seek to deceive God and the believers, yet they only deceive themselves, but they fail to perceive it.  There is a sickness in their hearts, and God 'only' lets their sickness increase.  They will suffer a painful punishment for their lies.

When they are told, "Do not spread corruption in the land," they reply, "We are only peace-makers!" 
Indeed, it is they who are the corruptors, but they fail to perceive it.  When they are told, "Believe in the Most High God as other faithful believe,"  they reply, "Will we believe as the fools believe?"

Indeed, it is they who are fools, but they do not know.  When they meet the believers they say, "We believe." 
Yet, when alone with their evil associates they say, "We are definitely with you; we were only mocking."

Almighty God will throw their mockery back at them, leaving them to continue wandering blindly in their defiance. 
They are the ones who trade guidance for misguidance.  This trade is profitless, and they are not 'rightly' guided. 

Surely the Great and Awesome Lord of Hosts is Most Capable of everything.

O' people of the Most High God!
Worship your Lord, who created you and those before you, so that you may become mindful of Him
He is the One who has made the earth a place of settlement for you and the sky a canopy; and sends down rain from the sky, causing fruits to grow as a provision for you.  So do not knowingly set up equals to God 'in worship'!"

September 07, 2023